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My roof is leaking, what should I do?

You should try to place a bucket or container under the leak to prevent additional damage and contact us for a free roof inspection.

Do I have to pay my deductible?

Yes. Your agreement with your insurance company states that you will pay the deductible portion in the event of a loss. It is a felony in Texas for a contractor to pay your insurance deductible, see info for Insurance Fraud in Texas.  While many fly by night insurance companies state they will pay your deductible, this is illegal and can result in consequences and sanctions to you.

My insurance denied my claim, what are my options now?

You still have several options. In this case, we usually compile our own estimate using Xactimate and send it to your insurance company for consideration. We may request a re-inspection by the adjuster or we may request another adjuster or supervisor. If these options do not produce the desired effect, we can assist you by referring a competent, licensed Public Adjuster or appraiser to assist you.

My insurance sent me a check for less than the cost of a new roof, do I have to come up with the difference?

It depends. In many cases, a homeowner is confused by the way that insurance payments are broken up and does not understand that their contractor will invoice for the recoverable depreciation after the repairs are completed. Your adjuster’s report can seem complicated, and our representatives can explain how the process works and how the values are assigned to each item. If your insurance has truly undervalued your damages we can usually resolve this issue easily by submitting a new estimate generated with Xactimate.

Should I have my roofing contractor meet my insurance adjuster for his inspection?

We always recommend that your contractor meet with the adjuster during his initial inspection, if possible. Oftentimes the adjuster and contractor will discuss the apparent damages and come to an agreement on appropriate repairs during this initial meeting. This is highly recommended, as the contractor usually has more knowledge than the adjuster to roof repairs and replacements.